Our UK - Ireland Road Trip - June 2024

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Our family's trip to London to see the NY Mets play the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday June 9th and then head over to Ireland (Northern and the Republic) for a week+ "road trip" around the Emerald Isle was an amazing experience for us. I hope I am able to give a sense for our experience thru the folowing interactive "timeline" maps and photos of our trek. 

Our initial "planning page" is here

If interested, as you browse this page, following are a couple of my recent Irish song playlists you can listen to, you will need a Spotify ID to listen to either:

Some brief notes before the real stuff:
I used Google locations services to build the timelines and generate the "maps." Google imposes a 10 "layer" limit when creating  maps and I had 12-13 days of timelines so it was a bit challenging to create single map of the road trip(I did it in 2 maps).
For all the interactive maps below:
- Click on the icon on left to show the sidebar with location details
- Click on the 4 corners in top right to open tab with larger map
For all photo albums below:
- Click on "Album name" to open flickr page for album

On the right are the 2 "timeline" maps showing the complete road trip to give a sense for the overall journey. 

The top maps shows London to Belfast and bottom one shows from Belfast through Dublin.

You will definitely need to zoom and move around.

The rest of this page gives a day by day view of the "road trip" via the interactive maps on the left and photo's I took using my Samsung S24+ phone.
(As of this writing, I still have some description and name clean-up to do.)

6/6 - 6/7 London - (day one with 5 hr time change):
  • JFK to Dublin via Aer Lingus flight EI106. Departed JFK 6/6 9:05PM, Arrived Dublin 6/7 8:50AM
  • Dublin to London via RyanAir flight FR116. Departed Dublin 6/7 11:20AM, arrived London 6/7 12:45PM

6/8 day 2: Explore London: Hop-on/hop-off bus tour (Pete visit Urgent care)

2024 UK Ireland Road trip - London

6/9: Morning explore London, Afternoon Mets vs Phillies

2024 Uk Ireland road trip - Mets v Phillies

6/10: Fly to Belfast, pick-up the rental car and
do the Black Taxi Politcal Murals Tour:

2024 UK Ireland Road Trip - Belfast

- Drove from Belfast to Derry 
Stopping at:
  • Giants Causeway: Follow in the legendary footsteps of giants at Northern Ireland's iconic World Heritage Site.
  • Carrick-A-Red - Rope bridge spanning the dizzying gap over the North Atlantic from the mainland to a small island.
  • Derry Mural Walls


    and the Dark Hedges

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Giants Causeway

2024 Uk Ireland road trip - Carrick-a-rede Rope

 2024 Uk Ireland road trip - Dark Hedges

    once in Derry, toured the Derry Walls.

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Derry

6/12 drove from Derry to Kilcar, county Donegal

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Kilcar

     Stopping at Horn Head

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Horn Head

    Visit the Slieve League ->

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Slieve League

6/13 - drove from Kilcar down to Enniscrone/Rathglass County Sligo
Stopping to:
  • See the Rory Gallagher Statue in Balllyshannon
  • Stop in Sligo City - see SLIGO sign
  • Discover & visit Kathy's 2 family members
    • Cousin Peter Johnston (in the map note pin dropped on the little diversion along route by Templeboy)
    • Cousin Violet Lindsay - Dromore West

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Ballyshannon

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Sligo
6/14 drove from Enniscrone/Rathglass County Sligo to Galway
Stopping at the Cliffs of Moher on the way

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Cliffs of Moher
                    & Galway
6/15 Drove from Galway over to near Blarney, Count Cork by way of:
  • Skibbereen
  • Squince Beach

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Skibbereen

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Squince Beach

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Blarney
6/16 - headed up to Dublin but not before visiting:
  • Blarney Castle and Stone
  • Cobh
    • Titantic & Lusitania Memorial
    • Deck of Cards house row

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Blarney Castle

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Cobh
While in Dublin (6/16 & 6/17), we roamed a bit to see, in not particular order:
  • Oscar Wilde Statue and home (6/16 - reset were on 6/17 - I think)
  • Molly Malone Statue
  • Phil Lynott Statue
  • St. Ann's Church
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • St Patrick's Cathedral
  • Dublin Castle
  • Trinity College - Book Kells
  • NYC - Dublin Portal

2024 UK Ireland road trip - Dublin

6/18 - travel home